Scripture memorization - 8 reasons and 8 tips

  • 23 November 2010

8 good reasons to memorize scripture:

  1. Memorizing Scripture makes meditation possible at times when I can’t be reading the Bible, and meditation is the pathway of deeper understanding.
  2. Memorizing Scripture strengthens my faith because faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of Christ, and that happens when I am hearing the word in my head.
  3. Memorizing Scripture shapes the way I view the world by conforming my mind to God’s viewpoint.
  4. Memorizing Scripture makes God’s word more readily accessible for overcoming temptation to sin, because God’s warnings and promises are the way we conquer the deceitful promises of sin.
  5. Memorizing Scripture guards my mind by making it easier to detect error—and the world is filled with error, since the god of this world is a liar.
  6. Memorizing Scripture enables me to hit the devil in the face with a force he cannot resist, and so protect myself and my family from his assaults.
  7. Memorizing Scripture provides the strongest and sweetest words for ministering to others in need.
  8. Memorizing Scripture provides the matrix for fellowship with Jesus because he talks to me through his word, and I talk to him in prayer.

From John Piper sermon 'If My Words Abide in You' (a must watch/listen!)

And here are some simple tips for doing it:

1. Pick a version - It's probably best to settle on a version of the bible you are going to use consistently and are comfortable with.

2. Pick a bible - Use the same actual bible when memorising particular verses or passages. The form and structure of the words on the page will help you visualize it better.

3. Mark it - Use a higlighter or pen and highlight keywords, patterns or conclusions. This will also work as a visual aid when recalling.

4. Write it down - Whether it's copying from the bible when learning it or from memory when recalling it, writing it down a few times will help.

5. Multiple copies - make a few copies of the passage on notes or post-its and place them strategically - bedside table, bathroom mirror, fridge, in your bible, in your car. Then you can be memorizing throughout the day.

6. Repetition - say it over and over again in your head as you go about your day - out walking, driving, washing the dishes, drying your hands...everywhere!

7. Accountability - Get your wife, husband, mum, dad, friend or anybody to listen and correct you as you recite to them.

8. Regular recall - Once you've learned it, you'll need to quickly recite it in your mind every so often to keep it in there.

9. Get an App - There are a few apps out there to help with memorization. The best of these I have seen is the Fighter Verses App for iPad/iPhone or Android, which provides a number of tools to help with memorization.