In 2001, 23 of us visited Timisoara, where we were introduced to Gusti and Flori Iuga and their family who very kindly put all of us up for a week in their modest house. We have kept in touch ever since and many positive things have happened as a result.

Flori manages an orphanage which is fused to a large Baptist Church in Timisoara. Gusti is a man with a heart for people and a determination to serve God. He is a leader of two Village Churches (Giarmata and Bencec) and if ever a man could multi-task it is Gusti. Rolling up his sleeves at the Orphanage, chopping wood for a widow, helping elderly folk with home insulation, counselling addicts in the Church, the list is endless and all done with a sense of humour and a thankful heart.

Many visitors from Glenarm and elsewhere in N.Ireland have visited this family in the intervening years. Some have just wanted to see the work, others have contributed significantly to the work the Iuga's are involved in. Young people from our Church have visited Timisoara and taken youth camps and developed friendships which have been enduring.

Children from the Orphanage have visited N.Ireland on two occasions, the most recent visit included nine young people who blessed us and enjoyed a weeks holiday here in 2009.

Because of the generosity of many in Glenarm Baptist we have been able to help provide these young people with many good things, a days shopping in Ballymena, a trip to Scotland on the HSS. Other friends in N.Ireland have supported some of them in paid education or have helped furnish their relatives homes. We have also been able to provide many things for the Casa Speranta (House of Hope) orphanage in

God is at work among these folk, they are lovely people, the children are great to be with, the young people are fun , the adults very hospitable. I dont go to teach these folks anything, I go to learn from them, and would highly recommend this work to you for your prayers and practical support.

Brian Stewart

If you have any questions about this ministry or would like to help out please contact us.

Village Scene
NI kits in the Orpahange
Young folk from Giarmata
Gusti and Flori Iuga